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The Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

When adventure calls, you want to answer every time- and with proper tire maintenance, you can. Poor tire inflation is a common hazard for recreational vehicles: overinflation reduces traction, handling, and braking capacity, while under-inflation results in uneven wear and tear, poor fuel efficiency, and structural damage. To help prevent this, RV Master Techs, provider of expert RV parts and supplies in Glendale, has compiled essential information for proper RV tire inflation.

How to check tire pressure:

  • The precise air inflation for your tires depends on how much your fully loaded vehicle weighs. You’ll find the maximum load capacity for the tire size and load rating on your RV’s sidewall, as well as the minimum cold air inflation necessary for its maximum load.
  • For an accurate reading, check when tires are cold- any heat alters the pressure by 10-15 psi. A dual-angled tire gauge allows you to check inner and outer dual wheels at once (inside tires need just as much attention as outside tires).
  • Never bleed air from hot tires.
  • Adjust the inflation pressure to the tire carrying the heaviest load; ensure all tires on the axle have the same inflation pressure.
  • Use tight-sealing metal valve caps or premium flow-through valve caps.
  • Tires at less than 80% of their recommended inflation pressure are flat and should be inspected, repaired, or replaced by a professional RV service in Phoenix.

When to check tire pressure:

  • Every morning of a long trek
  • Before leaving and upon return of short trips
  • Before and after placing your RV in storage
  • Once a month during long storages

The master certified technicians at RV Master Techs can help you with issues of tire inflation, and any other aspect of RV parts and maintenance. More than just an RV parts and supplies shop in Glendale, we also offer professional RV services for the Phoenix area, from oil changes to window tinting to A/C installation. We even have a center just for RV collision in Glendale to help you get back on the road safely and quickly. To learn more, call RV Master Techs at 623-932-5444 or contact us online.

Posted in News on September 4th, 2013

What to Do After an RV Trip

After every RV trip, it’s imperative to drain your water system to prevent musty odors. Here, we’ll detail how to properly drain an RV’s water heater, line drains, pumps and tanks so you can avoid a trip to the RV parts and supplies shop before your next trip.

Start with the water heater. If it has an electric mode, switch it off. Turn the heater’s breaker off so it doesn’t accidentally turn on with an empty tank. Locate the water heater’s outside compartment, remove drain plug, open pressure relief valve, and drain completely. To drain Suburban water heater tanks, remove the anode rod with a 1 -1/16 inch socket (available at RV parts and supplies stores). Inspect the rod every time it’s removed, and replace when 3/4 consumed.

*Warning:  To avoid injury, never drain a heater that’s hot and/or under pressure. To relieve pressure, turn off all water going to the RV and open a hot and cold faucet.

Next, locate the low point water line drains: there’s one for hot and one for cold. Open lines and drain water. Locate the drain for the fresh water holding tank and drain water. Now, turn the water pump on momentarily to force out remaining water (don’t let the pump continue running when empty). Close all the drains and you’re good to go.

If you forget to drain the water system and your cabin gets stale-smelling, you don’t necessarily have to take it for RV service in Glendale- you just need to sanitize the water system. Drain old water and close all drains. Mix bleach and water (I cup : 15 gallons) in a one-gallon container and pour into fresh water holding tank. Fill tank with water, turn on water pump, open all faucets and run water until you smell bleach. Close faucets and let sit for 12 hours. Drain system, refill fresh water tank with potable water, open faucets and run water until bleach smell is gone. Repeat the rinsing process if necessary.

For any concerns about your RV’s water system, call the experts at RV Master Techs. We offer a wide variety of essential RV parts, supplies, and services including mobile RV detailing and cleaning. If anything needs fixing, our techs perform reliable RV repairs in Glendale to get your unit back in top form after long trips. For a full list of RV services and repairs in Glendale, call 623-932-5444 or contact us online.


Posted in News on August 12th, 2013

MCD Shades for RVs

MCD Innovations is a groundbreaking company providing customers with technologically advanced RV MCD shading in Phoenix and other cities throughout the country. Every shading product offered is designed to make the RV experience more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. MCD is known as a pioneer in the RV shade industry for the invention of the American Duo Day/Night Shade System, which completely changed shading standards by eliminating the common problems occurring with conventional day/night pleated shades.

There are two types of shades, a day and a night, which will provide you with the characteristics that you desire. By installing RV MCD Shading in Glendale or the greater Valley area, your RV will gain the following benefits:

  • An updated interior that is more modern and appealing
  • Easy operation and cleaning processes
  • Protection from Solar and UV rays
  • Excellent outward visibility
  • Limited inward visibility, offering privacy during the daytime
  • Heat protection
  • 100% light blocking shade at night

The American Duo Day/Night shading comes in both power and manual versions, and is available at businesses specializing in repairs, detailing and RV parts and supplies in Glendale and the metro Phoenix area. MCD has also just released a Gold Series Day/Night system that is of the same quality and reliability as the American Duo system, but at a lower cost. The Gold series provides solar protection and limited inward visibility during the daytime and comes with a choice of six light blocking vinyl fabrics for nighttime. No matter what your budget, there is RV MCD shading in Phoenix that will provide you with convenience and comfort during your RV trip.

RV Master Techs, offering RV MCD shading in Glendale and the metro Phoenix area, can install MCD shading in your coach, 5th wheel, Class B or C or trailer. RV MCD shading in Phoenix can be specially made to fit your vehicle, providing you with the convenience of high quality shading while also updating the appearance to make it more modern. While some owners prefer to install their own shades, there are a number of dealers specializing in RV MCD shading in Phoenix that can conveniently and accurately install the shading for you. To learn more about RV MCD shading in Phoenix, please call RV Master Techs today at 623-932-5444 or contact us online.

Posted in News on March 4th, 2013

Choosing a Supplemental Braking System

One of the most common RV parts in Phoenix is a supplemental braking system, which is used to provide a brake to a vehicle that is being towed. Having this braking system provides you with less stress on the RV and the towed car, safer towing and a better functioning tow bar. There are four main braking systems available from stores specializing in RV Parts in Glendale and the greater Phoenix area. Each braking system varies in installation and the way the brakes are activated. The four types of braking systems include the following:

  • Pre-Set Systems. This brake system is the most basic of the four. After receiving a signal that the RV brakes have been applied, an electric brake controller will then apply the brakes to the towed vehicle.
  • Proportional Systems. This is the most popular brake system as it is designed to brake your towed vehicle using the same force that is used to brake the RV. This allows you to brake your towed vehicle at different intervals, such as emergency braking or slowly braking to an idle, with little to no manual adjustment.
  • Direct Systems. Direct systems are similar to proportional systems in that they are able to brake at different levels, but they offer better response times and no manual adjustments whatsoever. The only downfall from this system is that it does require a more lengthy installation process. Shops offering RV service in Glendale and the greater area can help you to properly install the system.
  • Vacuum-Assist Systems (Active Systems). By activating the power assist function on the brakes of your towed vehicle, you are able to brake at the same levels that you would if you were actually sitting behind the steering wheel. The power assist feature allows the force on the brake pedal to multiply, making it easier for the driver to brake. As with the direct systems, shops offering RV service in Glendale and the surrounding communities can you help you to install the system.

Not only does a supplemental braking system provide you with a number of different safety and functionality benefits, but it is also a law in almost every state throughout the United States. Towed vehicles of a certain weight are required to have a supplemental braking system, so be sure to check the laws in your state. Regardless if there is a law or not, a supplemental braking system should be used to maintain safety for you, your party and those you are sharing the road with. An RV store, specializing in RV parts in Phoenix, can give you more information on the various systems.

No matter what your needs, there is a supplemental braking system that will provide you with the performance that you require. At RV Master Techs, specializing in repairs, service and RV parts in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, every single one of our team members is, or has been an RV owner. We thoroughly understand RVs and can help you to select a supplemental braking system and other RV parts in Phoenix that will work best for your vehicles. Please call RV Master Techs at 623-932-5444 or contact us online for more information on RV parts in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Posted in News on February 18th, 2013