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Draining Your RV’s Water System

There are many checklists to go through each time you return from a trip if you are planning to store your RV for a while. However tedious and daunting it may seem, proper RV care and maintenance are the keys to ensuring your leisure vehicle is in pristine condition every time you decide to hit the road. To prevent your RV’s water system from getting musty and stale when it’s not in use, it’s essential to properly drain all the pipes and heaters.

Start with your water heater. Turn off the breaker and/or the electric mode switch and locate the outside compartment that holds the water heater. Remove the drain plug (typically in the bottom left corner or bottom center) and release the pressure relief valve on top of the water heater. Suburban water heaters have different RV parts: their anode rod, which helps prevent corrosion, must be removed with a socket in order to drain the tank. For proper Suburban RV care, inspect the anode rod every time you drain and replace rods when they’re more than 3/4 consumed. Always allow the water heater to cool sufficiently before draining, and relieve water pressure by turning off all water flow in the RV and opening a hot and cold faucet.

Now you can move to the low point water line drains. Open both the cold and hot lines and drain them out. Next, locate and empty the drain for the fresh water holding tank. At this point it’s a good idea to turn the water pump back on for a moment to force any remaining water out. Turn the pump back off as soon as all the water is out and close all the drains. Your RV is now ready to be stowed away with no risk of musty, stale water stench.    

If you need any additional RV parts or assistance in draining your water system, RV Master Techs can help. We carry the most extensive selection of top-notch RV parts and accessories to help you get the job done right, and our skilled technicians provide the most thorough inspections and RV repairs in Glendale. For fast, reliable, expert RV service in Glendale, call RV Master Techs at 623-932-5444 or visit us online.



Posted in Tips on May 27th, 2013