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The Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

When adventure calls, you want to answer every time- and with proper tire maintenance, you can. Poor tire inflation is a common hazard for recreational vehicles: overinflation reduces traction, handling, and braking capacity, while under-inflation results in uneven wear and tear, poor fuel efficiency, and structural damage. To help prevent this, RV Master Techs, provider of expert RV parts and supplies in Glendale, has compiled essential information for proper RV tire inflation.

How to check tire pressure:

  • The precise air inflation for your tires depends on how much your fully loaded vehicle weighs. You’ll find the maximum load capacity for the tire size and load rating on your RV’s sidewall, as well as the minimum cold air inflation necessary for its maximum load.
  • For an accurate reading, check when tires are cold- any heat alters the pressure by 10-15 psi. A dual-angled tire gauge allows you to check inner and outer dual wheels at once (inside tires need just as much attention as outside tires).
  • Never bleed air from hot tires.
  • Adjust the inflation pressure to the tire carrying the heaviest load; ensure all tires on the axle have the same inflation pressure.
  • Use tight-sealing metal valve caps or premium flow-through valve caps.
  • Tires at less than 80% of their recommended inflation pressure are flat and should be inspected, repaired, or replaced by a professional RV service in Phoenix.

When to check tire pressure:

  • Every morning of a long trek
  • Before leaving and upon return of short trips
  • Before and after placing your RV in storage
  • Once a month during long storages

The master certified technicians at RV Master Techs can help you with issues of tire inflation, and any other aspect of RV parts and maintenance. More than just an RV parts and supplies shop in Glendale, we also offer professional RV services for the Phoenix area, from oil changes to window tinting to A/C installation. We even have a center just for RV collision in Glendale to help you get back on the road safely and quickly. To learn more, call RV Master Techs at 623-932-5444 or contact us online.

Posted in News on September 4th, 2013