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Washing and Waxing Your RV

Cleaning and waxing an entire RV can feel like an impossible undertaking. But with a good plan in place, even this seemingly tedious RV maintenance task can be accomplished quickly and painlessly. First, decide where you’ll be cleaning your unit; then follow these simple washing and waxing steps:

1. Gather proper products and tools

You’ll need bug remover, tar remover, non-detergent wash, wheel cleaner, window cleaner, a garden hose, a long-handled car wash brush with soft bristles, a wash mitt, a squeegee, a stiff deck brush, drying towels, and a wash/wax product. For black streaks, you may need to visit a store that carries specialty cleaning products and/or RV parts in Glendale.

2. How and when to wash your roof

Most RVers only wash their roof two to three times a year. If today’s the day, start there. Scrape bugs off, then use hot, soapy water and the deck brush to carefully scrub the entire roof. For tough spots, use an automobile rubbing compound; for black streaks, use a specialty cleaner.

3. Wash the sides and tires

Scrape bugs, then freshen your soapy water and use the wash mitt or soft bristle brush to gently scrub the sides. Rinse with the hose. Clean tires with tire cleaner.

4. Clean windows and mirrors

Spray, squeegee, and wipe all glass surfaces with window cleaner or vinegar and a towel.

5. Polish your wheels

This particular bit of RV maintenance only needs to be done every four months. Any automotive chrome polish will do.

6. Wax your rig

No two ways about it- this is a big RV maintenance undertaking. Good thing you only need to do it twice a year. With a wash/wax product, start at the top and work your way down. Remember: wax ON with one hand and wax OFF with the other. Take as many breaks throughout the day as you need. (Hint: Don’t wax in direct sunlight, as the lighting makes the surface appear filmy.)

Waterless washing is another option that simplifies the cleaning process. These products are sprayed on and wiped off to reveal a deep shine, while also lubricating the surface and protecting it from scratches. Another product called “California Duster” extends the wash/wax cycle and reduces RV maintenance: simply wipe down dry surfaces with this soft, reusable cloth. These items are available at most stores that carry specialty products and RV parts in Glendale.

The helpful staff at RV Master Techs can answer all your cleaning and RV maintenance questions, and has the widest range of accessories and RV parts in Glendale to get your unit squeaky clean and road-ready. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, RV Master Techs offers mobile RV detailing in Glendale and beyond: we’ll come right to you and wash and wax your entire unit, from roof to tires. Contact us online or call 623-932-5444 for more information on our waxing and washing specials and RV detailing prices in Glendale.

Posted in Tips on July 22nd, 2013