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The Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

When adventure calls, you want to answer every time- and with proper tire maintenance, you can. Poor tire inflation is a common hazard for recreational vehicles: overinflation reduces traction, handling, and braking capacity, while under-inflation results in uneven wear and tear, poor fuel efficiency, and structural damage. To help prevent this, RV Master Techs, provider of expert RV parts and supplies in Glendale, has compiled essential information for proper RV tire inflation.

How to check tire pressure:

  • The precise air inflation for your tires depends on how much your fully loaded vehicle weighs. You’ll find the maximum load capacity for the tire size and load rating on your RV’s sidewall, as well as the minimum cold air inflation necessary for its maximum load.
  • For an accurate reading, check when tires are cold- any heat alters the pressure by 10-15 psi. A dual-angled tire gauge allows you to check inner and outer dual wheels at once (inside tires need just as much attention as outside tires).
  • Never bleed air from hot tires.
  • Adjust the inflation pressure to the tire carrying the heaviest load; ensure all tires on the axle have the same inflation pressure.
  • Use tight-sealing metal valve caps or premium flow-through valve caps.
  • Tires at less than 80% of their recommended inflation pressure are flat and should be inspected, repaired, or replaced by a professional RV service in Phoenix.

When to check tire pressure:

  • Every morning of a long trek
  • Before leaving and upon return of short trips
  • Before and after placing your RV in storage
  • Once a month during long storages

The master certified technicians at RV Master Techs can help you with issues of tire inflation, and any other aspect of RV parts and maintenance. More than just an RV parts and supplies shop in Glendale, we also offer professional RV services for the Phoenix area, from oil changes to window tinting to A/C installation. We even have a center just for RV collision in Glendale to help you get back on the road safely and quickly. To learn more, call RV Master Techs at 623-932-5444 or contact us online.

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What to Do After an RV Trip

After every RV trip, it’s imperative to drain your water system to prevent musty odors. Here, we’ll detail how to properly drain an RV’s water heater, line drains, pumps and tanks so you can avoid a trip to the RV parts and supplies shop before your next trip.

Start with the water heater. If it has an electric mode, switch it off. Turn the heater’s breaker off so it doesn’t accidentally turn on with an empty tank. Locate the water heater’s outside compartment, remove drain plug, open pressure relief valve, and drain completely. To drain Suburban water heater tanks, remove the anode rod with a 1 -1/16 inch socket (available at RV parts and supplies stores). Inspect the rod every time it’s removed, and replace when 3/4 consumed.

*Warning:  To avoid injury, never drain a heater that’s hot and/or under pressure. To relieve pressure, turn off all water going to the RV and open a hot and cold faucet.

Next, locate the low point water line drains: there’s one for hot and one for cold. Open lines and drain water. Locate the drain for the fresh water holding tank and drain water. Now, turn the water pump on momentarily to force out remaining water (don’t let the pump continue running when empty). Close all the drains and you’re good to go.

If you forget to drain the water system and your cabin gets stale-smelling, you don’t necessarily have to take it for RV service in Glendale- you just need to sanitize the water system. Drain old water and close all drains. Mix bleach and water (I cup : 15 gallons) in a one-gallon container and pour into fresh water holding tank. Fill tank with water, turn on water pump, open all faucets and run water until you smell bleach. Close faucets and let sit for 12 hours. Drain system, refill fresh water tank with potable water, open faucets and run water until bleach smell is gone. Repeat the rinsing process if necessary.

For any concerns about your RV’s water system, call the experts at RV Master Techs. We offer a wide variety of essential RV parts, supplies, and services including mobile RV detailing and cleaning. If anything needs fixing, our techs perform reliable RV repairs in Glendale to get your unit back in top form after long trips. For a full list of RV services and repairs in Glendale, call 623-932-5444 or contact us online.


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Washing and Waxing Your RV

Cleaning and waxing an entire RV can feel like an impossible undertaking. But with a good plan in place, even this seemingly tedious RV maintenance task can be accomplished quickly and painlessly. First, decide where you’ll be cleaning your unit; then follow these simple washing and waxing steps:

1. Gather proper products and tools

You’ll need bug remover, tar remover, non-detergent wash, wheel cleaner, window cleaner, a garden hose, a long-handled car wash brush with soft bristles, a wash mitt, a squeegee, a stiff deck brush, drying towels, and a wash/wax product. For black streaks, you may need to visit a store that carries specialty cleaning products and/or RV parts in Glendale.

2. How and when to wash your roof

Most RVers only wash their roof two to three times a year. If today’s the day, start there. Scrape bugs off, then use hot, soapy water and the deck brush to carefully scrub the entire roof. For tough spots, use an automobile rubbing compound; for black streaks, use a specialty cleaner.

3. Wash the sides and tires

Scrape bugs, then freshen your soapy water and use the wash mitt or soft bristle brush to gently scrub the sides. Rinse with the hose. Clean tires with tire cleaner.

4. Clean windows and mirrors

Spray, squeegee, and wipe all glass surfaces with window cleaner or vinegar and a towel.

5. Polish your wheels

This particular bit of RV maintenance only needs to be done every four months. Any automotive chrome polish will do.

6. Wax your rig

No two ways about it- this is a big RV maintenance undertaking. Good thing you only need to do it twice a year. With a wash/wax product, start at the top and work your way down. Remember: wax ON with one hand and wax OFF with the other. Take as many breaks throughout the day as you need. (Hint: Don’t wax in direct sunlight, as the lighting makes the surface appear filmy.)

Waterless washing is another option that simplifies the cleaning process. These products are sprayed on and wiped off to reveal a deep shine, while also lubricating the surface and protecting it from scratches. Another product called “California Duster” extends the wash/wax cycle and reduces RV maintenance: simply wipe down dry surfaces with this soft, reusable cloth. These items are available at most stores that carry specialty products and RV parts in Glendale.

The helpful staff at RV Master Techs can answer all your cleaning and RV maintenance questions, and has the widest range of accessories and RV parts in Glendale to get your unit squeaky clean and road-ready. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, RV Master Techs offers mobile RV detailing in Glendale and beyond: we’ll come right to you and wash and wax your entire unit, from roof to tires. Contact us online or call 623-932-5444 for more information on our waxing and washing specials and RV detailing prices in Glendale.

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Draining Your RV’s Water System

There are many checklists to go through each time you return from a trip if you are planning to store your RV for a while. However tedious and daunting it may seem, proper RV care and maintenance are the keys to ensuring your leisure vehicle is in pristine condition every time you decide to hit the road. To prevent your RV’s water system from getting musty and stale when it’s not in use, it’s essential to properly drain all the pipes and heaters.

Start with your water heater. Turn off the breaker and/or the electric mode switch and locate the outside compartment that holds the water heater. Remove the drain plug (typically in the bottom left corner or bottom center) and release the pressure relief valve on top of the water heater. Suburban water heaters have different RV parts: their anode rod, which helps prevent corrosion, must be removed with a socket in order to drain the tank. For proper Suburban RV care, inspect the anode rod every time you drain and replace rods when they’re more than 3/4 consumed. Always allow the water heater to cool sufficiently before draining, and relieve water pressure by turning off all water flow in the RV and opening a hot and cold faucet.

Now you can move to the low point water line drains. Open both the cold and hot lines and drain them out. Next, locate and empty the drain for the fresh water holding tank. At this point it’s a good idea to turn the water pump back on for a moment to force any remaining water out. Turn the pump back off as soon as all the water is out and close all the drains. Your RV is now ready to be stowed away with no risk of musty, stale water stench.    

If you need any additional RV parts or assistance in draining your water system, RV Master Techs can help. We carry the most extensive selection of top-notch RV parts and accessories to help you get the job done right, and our skilled technicians provide the most thorough inspections and RV repairs in Glendale. For fast, reliable, expert RV service in Glendale, call RV Master Techs at 623-932-5444 or visit us online.



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International Driving Permits for RVers

RVing in foreign countries is a phenomenal experience: it’s like taking the comforts of home with you everywhere you go. Your days may be filled with exploring new cultures and taking in strange sights, but returning to your motor home is always familiar and pleasant. Before heading on an international RV journey, grab some new gear at an RV parts store in Phoenix, research driving laws for the countries you’ll visit, and purchase an International Driving Permit.

An International Driving Permit is crucial for safe, hassle-free driving while in foreign countries. Available at any AAA office, this permit is recognized and valid in over 150 countries and only costs $15. Your name, picture, and driver information appear on the card and can be translated into 10 languages. Simply print the application online, complete it at home and either take it to the office or mail it in with the processing fee in U.S. dollars (pay by U.S. bank check or money order payable to AAA, Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, or Discover Card). You’ll also need two original photos (passport style or similar) signed on the back and a photocopy of both sides of your driver’s license. Applications take approximately 4-6 to process, so it’s key to plan ahead and allow yourself a large window of time.

A respected, professional RV wholesale shop in Phoenix can also provide you with valuable information about international RVing. Here at RV Master Techs, our knowledgeable, certified staff doesn’t just specialize in RV detailing in Phoenix: we specialize in every aspect of the RV culture. Next time you’re planning an international journey, consider our RV parts experts in Phoenix. From performing the best RV detailing in Phoenix to the friendliest, most experienced staff in town, we have the know-how to get you ready for any type of RV adventure. Call 623-932-5444 or contact us online to ask about our top-notch services and RV detailing in Phoenix.

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5 Service Facts About RV Master Techs

There are a lot of service shops offering RV detailing, parts, and supplies in the Glendale area. But the experience, passion, and professionalism provided at RV Master Techs put us at the head of the pack. Below, five compelling service facts about our premier RV lifestyle company:

Fact #1 – Our Range of RV Services is Unparalleled 

We offer a wide array of comprehensive RV services that simply can’t be beat, including but not limited to:

- Appliance Services
- Fantastic Fans
- Inverters
- Led Lighting
- Oil Changes
- Solar Panels
- Tow Equipment
- Window Tinting
- Trojan Batteries

…and so much more. We also perform free 32-point inspections to determine your unit’s condition, and $199 inspections before every RV sale. For services that utilize the best RV parts and supplies in Glendale, no one touches RV Master Techs.

Fact #2We Have the Best Techs in Town

Our master certified technicians all have 100 hours of training and more than five years of experience, ensuring thorough, accurate RV repairs every time. We also have techs that specialize in collision repairs that get your RV back on the road quickly and safely, as well as skilled technicians specializing in accessories and RV AC installation in Glendale. If our techs can’t do it, it probably can’t be done.

Fact #3We Provide Exceptional Customer Service

We’re a family-owned business with years of dedication to customer satisfaction. Because we’re all RVers who cherish the RV lifestyle, we understand your needs and expectations and we strive for perfection every single time. As a leading provider of RV parts and services in Glendale, we take great pride in our quality workmanship, professionalism, and cleanliness as part of a flawless customer experience. When you’re happy, we’re happy, and we’ll never settle for anything less.

Fact #4 We Do the Best RV Detailing in Glendale – and Beyond

In addition to skillful on-site detailing performed by master technicians using the best RV parts in Glendale, we offer convenient mobile RV detailing too. Every day, we have two vehicles driving around Arizona ready to detail units right at your site or resort. From hand waxing to pressure washes and window cleaning, we do it all- wherever you are.

Fact #5“We’re Here, So You Can Have Fun Out There”

It’s our motto, and it’s the truth. We know how much you love RVing because we love it that much too. That’s why our mission is to get you out on the road promptly and safely so can enjoy the freedom and exhilaration this lifestyle allows. Next time you need RV detailing, service, parts, or supplies in Glendale- or if you just have questions about them- consider Master Techs. Our reputation for quality workmanship and RV detailing in Glendale is second-to-none, and we pride ourselves on our quick, reliable, and friendly service. Call us at 623-932-5444 or contact us online and find out why we’re the best RV shop around.

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness for RV Owners

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can quickly turn your RV into a danger zone. The propane heaters and generators in RV’s run the risk of leaking and building up in your leisure vehicle, and the results could be deadly. To ensure you are protected from the dangerous effects of carbon monoxide, talk to the professionals at an RV service in Glendale or elsewhere, and follow these everyday guidelines:

  1. Leave a roof vent open, even when it’s cold outside. Air circulation is crucial in preventing carbon monoxide accumulation.
  2. Park your RV so the exhaust disperses away from the vehicle. Don’t park next to buildings, snowbanks, trees, or other objects that could obstruct exhaust dissipation. Similarly, be aware of vehicles around you that could either prevent proper exhaust dispersion or produce additional carbon monoxide that could enter your RV.
  3. Regularly check for openings in the floor or sidewalls. Seal holes or cracks with a silicone adhesive or take it for RV repairs in Glendale before using your generator again.
  4. Never sleep with the generator running.
  5. If you don’t feel good, shut the generator off and step outside for some fresh air: you may be suffering side effects of carbon monoxide build-up.
  6. Most importantly: use a carbon monoxide detector. Make sure it is in good working order by periodically testing it either by yourself or with the help of an RV service in Glendale.

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the Silent Killer, so it is very important to be aware of its presence and effects. It is highly recommended that any adjustments be left in the hands of a professional RV repairs shop in Glendale. RV parts and repair companies can help you choose the right carbon monoxide alarm, and can upgrade your unit’s chassis and exhaust systems to prevent leaks.

RV Master Techs is a leader in such inspections, with RV services in Glendale that will ensure your unit is safe from carbon monoxide leakage. Our technicians have a minimum of five years’ experience with RV repairs in Glendale and beyond, and understand the importance of proper alarm installation and preventative maintenance. Call us today 623-932-5444 or contact us online and we’d be happy to answer any questions about carbon monoxide, or any type of RV repair or service in Glendale.

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Ensuring Your RV is Road Ready

Getting your RV ready for the road is a fun project that also requires careful attention and planning. Before you start logging miles, you’ll want to make sure your RV is running flawlessly. Things like leaks, electrical issues, and general wear and tear can cause major issues and interfere with the safety and enjoyment of your RV. Whether you go for RV service in Glendale or elsewhere, there are several things to keep in mind when getting your RV ready for another season of exploring:

  • Have your RV cleaned and inspected for cracks and gaps, including around the awning. Make sure the awning works, and have any cracks or splits sealed to prevent leaks.
  • To ensure better mileage and improved safety, get your tires back in shape. Have an RV service in Glendale or surrounding areas check tire pressure and look for worn out treads.
  • Hoses and valves will need a once-over to check for punctures and damage. Dry seals can be saved with lubricant; if they’re too worn out, replace with newer hose models.
  • An RV repair expert in Glendale can refill your propane tank to the proper level, while also checking for leaks and cracks.
  • All systems, batteries, and appliances should be tested, charged up, repaired, or replaced by an RV service in Glendale or elsewhere.

At RV Master Techs, we know what it takes to get your RV back in ship-shape. Our technicians are master certified, dedicated to getting your RV back on the road safely and quickly. We are leading experts in RV repair in Glendale, performing a long list of RV repairs from the chassis and jacks to custom interiors. We also offer convenient overnight drop-off for RV service in Glendale: we’ll leave a line for you to plug into and start on it the next morning. To find out more about our RV repairs and detailing in Glendale, call 623-932-5444 or contact us online.

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MCD Shades for RVs

MCD Innovations is a groundbreaking company providing customers with technologically advanced RV MCD shading in Phoenix and other cities throughout the country. Every shading product offered is designed to make the RV experience more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. MCD is known as a pioneer in the RV shade industry for the invention of the American Duo Day/Night Shade System, which completely changed shading standards by eliminating the common problems occurring with conventional day/night pleated shades.

There are two types of shades, a day and a night, which will provide you with the characteristics that you desire. By installing RV MCD Shading in Glendale or the greater Valley area, your RV will gain the following benefits:

  • An updated interior that is more modern and appealing
  • Easy operation and cleaning processes
  • Protection from Solar and UV rays
  • Excellent outward visibility
  • Limited inward visibility, offering privacy during the daytime
  • Heat protection
  • 100% light blocking shade at night

The American Duo Day/Night shading comes in both power and manual versions, and is available at businesses specializing in repairs, detailing and RV parts and supplies in Glendale and the metro Phoenix area. MCD has also just released a Gold Series Day/Night system that is of the same quality and reliability as the American Duo system, but at a lower cost. The Gold series provides solar protection and limited inward visibility during the daytime and comes with a choice of six light blocking vinyl fabrics for nighttime. No matter what your budget, there is RV MCD shading in Phoenix that will provide you with convenience and comfort during your RV trip.

RV Master Techs, offering RV MCD shading in Glendale and the metro Phoenix area, can install MCD shading in your coach, 5th wheel, Class B or C or trailer. RV MCD shading in Phoenix can be specially made to fit your vehicle, providing you with the convenience of high quality shading while also updating the appearance to make it more modern. While some owners prefer to install their own shades, there are a number of dealers specializing in RV MCD shading in Phoenix that can conveniently and accurately install the shading for you. To learn more about RV MCD shading in Phoenix, please call RV Master Techs today at 623-932-5444 or contact us online.

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Choosing a Supplemental Braking System

One of the most common RV parts in Phoenix is a supplemental braking system, which is used to provide a brake to a vehicle that is being towed. Having this braking system provides you with less stress on the RV and the towed car, safer towing and a better functioning tow bar. There are four main braking systems available from stores specializing in RV Parts in Glendale and the greater Phoenix area. Each braking system varies in installation and the way the brakes are activated. The four types of braking systems include the following:

  • Pre-Set Systems. This brake system is the most basic of the four. After receiving a signal that the RV brakes have been applied, an electric brake controller will then apply the brakes to the towed vehicle.
  • Proportional Systems. This is the most popular brake system as it is designed to brake your towed vehicle using the same force that is used to brake the RV. This allows you to brake your towed vehicle at different intervals, such as emergency braking or slowly braking to an idle, with little to no manual adjustment.
  • Direct Systems. Direct systems are similar to proportional systems in that they are able to brake at different levels, but they offer better response times and no manual adjustments whatsoever. The only downfall from this system is that it does require a more lengthy installation process. Shops offering RV service in Glendale and the greater area can help you to properly install the system.
  • Vacuum-Assist Systems (Active Systems). By activating the power assist function on the brakes of your towed vehicle, you are able to brake at the same levels that you would if you were actually sitting behind the steering wheel. The power assist feature allows the force on the brake pedal to multiply, making it easier for the driver to brake. As with the direct systems, shops offering RV service in Glendale and the surrounding communities can you help you to install the system.

Not only does a supplemental braking system provide you with a number of different safety and functionality benefits, but it is also a law in almost every state throughout the United States. Towed vehicles of a certain weight are required to have a supplemental braking system, so be sure to check the laws in your state. Regardless if there is a law or not, a supplemental braking system should be used to maintain safety for you, your party and those you are sharing the road with. An RV store, specializing in RV parts in Phoenix, can give you more information on the various systems.

No matter what your needs, there is a supplemental braking system that will provide you with the performance that you require. At RV Master Techs, specializing in repairs, service and RV parts in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, every single one of our team members is, or has been an RV owner. We thoroughly understand RVs and can help you to select a supplemental braking system and other RV parts in Phoenix that will work best for your vehicles. Please call RV Master Techs at 623-932-5444 or contact us online for more information on RV parts in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

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